Bill Sullivan, MS, PhD
Bill earned his MS in Immunology in 1994 and his PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology in 1997. Currently, he is Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Microbiology & Immunology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Bill has published over 70 academic papers in scientific journals and written articles for Scientific American, Scientific American MIND,,,, Dumb Little Man, and more. Bill also serves on the Advisers Team for the Epigenetics Literacy Project. Bill’s research has been featured in popular press outlets including IFLScience, ScienceDaily, Fierce Biotech Research, Disease Buzz, and more. He has been interviewed by CNN Health, The Indianapolis Star, The Examiner, Medical Daily, and The Scientist. He has appeared on Science Update with Bob Hirshon, Dr. Mike’s SciComm podcast, and SWR2 German Public Radio, and served as a consultant for the Everyday Elements program on YouTube. Passionate about science outreach, Bill co-founded THE ‘SCOPE with Mark Lasbury in July, 2014. Follow Bill on the web: Laboratory website, Facebook, Twitter.

Mark Lasbury, MS, MSEd, PhD
Mark earned his MS in Pathology in 1996, his PhD in Experimental Molecular Pathology in 1999, and his MSEd in Secondary Education in the Life Sciences in 2011. He held positions of Assistant Scientist in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Sciences and Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine before embarking on an education and writing career. In addition to his work on THE 'SCOPE, Mark writes a life sciences and education blog entitled As Many Exceptions As Rules, which has received over 1.2 million page views in three years. He is the author of the book The Realization of Star Trek Technologies. Mark also writes histories of Indianapolis addresses for private clients. Follow Mark on the web: Facebook, Twitter.

Jason Organ, MA, PhD 
Jason earned his MA in Anthropology in 2002 and his PhD in Functional Anatomy & Evolution in 2007. Currently, he is Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Jason has published over 25 peer-reviewed research papers on evolutionary and mechanical adaptations of bone and muscle in scientific journals and over 40 peer-reviewed teaching modules in digital human anatomy references. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Anatomists and has used this position to advocate for the importance of effective science communication and public outreach. Jason began contributing to THE 'SCOPE in December, 2015, about the same time he founded another science outreach blog, Eatlemania!, which focuses on the natural history of the animals being eaten by the flesh-eating (dermestid) beetle colony in his lab. Follow Jason on the web: Laboratory website, Facebook, Twitter.